Monday, April 12, 2010

Everyday teaching

All our kids live for books. A fun day out for Paige and Dillon would be loading up on books at the library. My church bag is not full of toys but full of books and that is what keeps Myla and Sariah somewhat quite at church.

Each week we make our trip to return all the books we rented from the library the week before and rent new ones. This week I decided that I would rent the normal kid books and also pick one or two themes for the week that we can learn about together. Myla has been really interested in volcanoes so I thought that was a great topic to get started on. Both girls have LOVED this and I think we will try this every week. So simple!

I decided a few years back that I wanted to homeschool my girls and the more I research and look into it the better I feel about it.

Some of my homeschool friends have told me about this book and I finally sat down to read it. It is called The Well-Trained Mind By Susan Wise Bauer. I love that this book is not just for homeschool parents, it is also a great resource if you have your kids go to public school but want to add to their education at home. Really a great resource book!

I am not big on doing a super structured program for little kids or pushing education. I have been doing preschool at home with Myla and really teaching her what she wants to learn at her pace. So we don't sit down for hours each day and drill on preschool stuff. I teach through out the day everyday. The great thing is Myla is right where she needs to be at this age. She knows all her colors, shapes, ABC's, ABC sounds, writing and is now starting to read. All of this has been on her own, when she is ready or asking to learn something I teach her.

I really enjoy teaching my girls and I have noticed that by teaching Myla at home, Sariah is learning soooo much. She wants to keep right up with Myla and when I ask Myla what letter a word starts with Sariah will answer with the letter sound and then the name of the letter before Myla even has a chance. Myla does not appreciate it so much but I think it is really cute.

I can't wait to until Myla starts kindergarten!

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Nikki said...

You are so much more motivated than I am. I really need to get my kids to the library more...maybe it will teach them at least a LITTLE reverence in church! I'm sorry I didn't get the Well trained mind to you! I'm a slacker! I refer back to it constantly for ideas. Let me know what you think of it.

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