Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming

So the house is quite for the moment. The girls are off listening to a book on tape and are playing so nice together in their room. So rather than cleaning the house, doing laundry or dishes I am planning my summer garden. I can't help it. I LOVE gardening. I love going outside and picking fresh fruits and veggies for my family and making some yummy healthy meal. Last year our chickens ate just about everything in our garden so this year they have a very nice chicken run and coop. They love eating all our scraps but this year they will not eat all my blueberries, raspberries, and veggies.

Last year I found this great company called the Seed Savers Exchange. They sell Heirloom seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each year you can gather your seeds from your own garden and replant them year after year. Their seeds give produce far different than what you will ever taste in the stores or even store bought seeds would. The tastes are amazing and the selection I can not believe. At the store when you purchase seeds you get a choose from say five tomatoes, well in this catalog their are like 60 to choose from.

I can not wait to get my garden going. I have six weeks to get the ground ready, sprinkler system set up and hopefully start my seeds inside. So after our Capri is born I they should be ready to plant.


Lisa said...

That is so exciting! I love your fresh produce, too (especially your ginormous zucchini.)

I loved our garden last year and want to do another one this year, but am apprehensive about taking it on with a new baby. Maybe we can help each other. That is so ambitious of you!

There's nothing like being outside on a warm spring or summer day working with the soil and watering the garden. It does a body good.

Wilkins Clan said...

This will be the first year it will be on self watering. I really think that is the key. Then all I have to do is plant(one day) and enjoy. If I plant as big of a garden as I am hoping I will have plenty to share including eggs. Two days ago I went and gathered 18eggs! It was like a easter egg hunt!

Nikki said...

So you are calling your friends to come help you prep your land because you're 7 months pregnant right?? And if you have an abundance of tomatoes your welcome to the dehydrator

Katie said...

self watering would be key for me. I tend to want to mother my garden too much in the watering department ....which is not a good thing. I just hate to see the dirt be dry, EVER. But it needs to be sometimes. Needless to say my garden last year was thwarted because I overwatered. hmph.

Oh, and I did find out about the chicken does have to be composted.

*sigh* I want to do a garden this year.....but I just have't made time to get it figured out...and last year was such a bummer for me. Inspire me Tiffany! I need to do

You should think about doing an egg swap if you end up with an overabundance......for say, house cleaning, or babysitting, or whatever....since those are things you are going to BUY anyways. I would be game..........

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