Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh my..... we have eggs

The sun is shining and the chickens are LOVING it. I think all 15 are laying now and let me just tell you that is a lot of money in feed and a lot of beautiful fresh eggs. We call them Easter eggs since the colors range from light tan, all shades of brown, pink, some speckled and even blue/green. No need to dye Easter eggs at our house! We counted just over 7 dozen and guess what they will lay again tomorrow. We are planning on selling some of the eggs to help with the feed cost but Kirk keeps looking in our fridge and saying ummm I think you need to do something about this. I love every idea of living off the land and we have also enjoyed them as pets!


Katie said...

We'd buy.

$4 per dozen every week? Thats what my garden share sells theirs for...and the typical going price for local organic eggs.

I'm sure you have enough friends that would buy your eggs to HELP out your egg crisis. Are you kidding me? I'd love to have organic eggs every day that I KNOW are actually organic.

I taught Dominic how to make scrambled eggs on his own and so we've been going through more than we normally do because he loves to COOK his own food. =)

Let me know if you start an egg share...seriously. I'm game.

Lisa said...

Tiffany, I would totally buy fresh eggs from you. I've been waiting!

Nikki said...

Sign me up. We'll buy eggs from you!

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