Monday, March 15, 2010

Love N Hate

I love n hate being pregnant. 1.) Pregnancy always strengthens my relationship with the Lord because one it humbles to me to 100% count on Him to get me through. Through the first 18weeks of throwing up 15 times a day and feeling like I am going to die. Not being able to take care of my family or kids. Then the last few months.... I think some of the struggle I have in the last two months is that I am only 5' 2". There is not much room for the baby to grow and my hips really have a hard time.
2.) The miracle of child birth and life is the most amazing thing anyone can ever go through. So I think it is worth every second of pain.

As most of you know with Sariah my pelvic born cracked. Last week Capri dropped and I think that cased it to crack again. Let me tell you having a baby rest on a cracked bone 24 hrs a day is not easy.

This morning Sariah thought she would help me out and throw like five cups of flour all over the kitchen floor and then to make the right kind of "cookie dough" she added some water. I don't know if I should scream, cry or laugh. So instead of cleaning my floor I am sitting here blogging about it hoping it will magically disappear.

OK fine, I will go clean it up before it get into my carpet. I think before little Capri is born I am going to have house cleaners come in again. Kirk did it for me during the first trimester and it was fabulous!!

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howellblog said...

Hang in's not my favorite either, but the results are amazing! Where's the picture of the flour all over? I needed a good laugh. We've all been there. Call me once our sicknesses are over if you need a break, etc.

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