Thursday, March 25, 2010

Be careful who you marry!

When Kirk and I were dating I thought what a wonderful gift to have that much energy. I think it runs in his family. His sister Kim does circles around me. Kirk is a VERY hard worker and as long as you bring him food and water he can work from sun up to sun down and he will not even be tired.

I know this is a great gift to have as an adult but let me tell you I have two little girls that have taken after their father. These girls are busy!! I can spend my whole day cleaning up after then and still feel like I got nothing done.

I remember Kirk's mom telling me about how Kirk would always take things apart just to see how they worked. Not that they always got put back together right but he was always learning.

We never have to hire people to fix a problem in our house because if Kirk does not know how he will find out and do a great job.

Well with Myla, Sariah and lets face it Capri will be the same way I just know it. They are at the learning stage. Lets take everything apart and see what happens. They both would rather play with anything that is not a toy because it is so much more entertaining.

Really I would love to have a clean house but I was not blessed with the Wilkins energy and my kids were.
Here is a typical day in our house with Sariah. The kind of mess changes but really it is all the same. A HUGE mess!
This is not the flour mess, Sariah got out powder sugar this time.


Lisa said...

Um... can I just say crazy?

Katie said...

I would go bonkers if my kids did that stuff every

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