Friday, February 19, 2010

a big catch

Kirk's boss is so much fun. He loves fishing, so each year he pays for Kirk to stock a pond in El Dorado Hills with 1500lbs of trout just so he can fish. Thursday morning we got up early and headed down to the pond to watch them drop all the fish in. Of course the girls LOVED it.

Then out came the poles. Benny (Kirk's boss) showed Myla how to fish and then off she went. She spent the rest of the morning fishing totally on her own and yelling every time she caught one. But she would wait to tell us until she had already reeled the fish in and it was on the dock next to her. Apparently Benny is a really good teacher.

Kirk gave Sariah her first fishing lesson and when she caught a fish I don't think she know what to think. But she got over it really fast.

I just added this one because I thought Sariah was so cute with the ducks!

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