Monday, January 25, 2010

Last minute vacation

There is something to be said about the ability to run away for the weekend at the last minute. No planning, no over thinking it, just a weekend away.

This weekend we went to Monterey, CA. Crazy thing is I have grown up in California and Kirk has been here for maybe 10 years and neither of us have ever been. We are both drawn to the ocean and every time we leave we both say how amazing it would be to live somewhere by the ocean.

The famous Lone Cypress Tree at Pebble Beach

We had the chance to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is really pricey but worth every second or hour in our case that we spent there. Between two days we spent 6 hours there and still did not get to see everything. It was a great activity for our family, with the big age gap in kids we always struggle to find activities that everyone will enjoy. We all LOVED it!
My favorite at the aquarium were the jelly fish and sea horses.

Sariah LOVED the penguins and they loved her too.

Now the beach. Ohhh how we love the beach. Our favorite thing to do it wake up early and go to the tide pools during low tide. It is so fun to see all the underwater creations we miss out on here on land.

Myla being totally girly about daddy putting a crab in her hand!

I love our new lens on our camera. It is a telephoto lens and I took a million pictures of the ocean. Kirk had to keep reminding me to take pictures of the family.

We also visited Carmel (that will be our next place we stay), and Pebble Beach.

We were suppose to go to Hawaii this Friday but had to cancel it because of Myla. So this trip helped us feel a little better and gave us a chance to enjoy some of the many beautiful things God has created. Great trip!

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Nikki said...

WOW! Your camera is amazing! Those pictures were great. I'm glad you guys got it away. It may not have been as warm as Hawaii but it was obviously a beautiful beach experience!

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