Thursday, December 31, 2009

something cute

Kids really say such cute things. Last night Myla was so cute I thought I would share.

Our family was gathered together to say family prayers and Kirk and Dillon were playing around. Then Myla said, " Can we hurry up and pray so I can feel better"? (There has been something good Myla has learned from all of her Kidney problems. Myla has really gained a testimony of the power of prayer)

We normally read scriptures in the morning so I thought what Myla said later when I was putting her to bed was so funny. I tucked her in bed and as I was leaving the room she said, " Mom, I really need to read scriptures by myself tonight". I asked her if she wanted me to get her Book of Mormon Reader and she said yes. When I went in to check on her before I went to bed she had fallen asleep reading her scriptures. So sweet. I love this little girl. She make me laugh everyday!


Lisa said...

Oh, I wish I could see a picture of her sleeping with her scriptures next to her! Precious moment. Bro. Reed was asking about Myla tonight. How is she doing? Is she experiencing any pain? We all hope she gets better soon. What a blessing for her to have a family so strong in the gospel. Hang in there Myla!

Sean said...

She's so cute. Its so fun to see them make good choices so early.

Poor Myla, I'm glad she's a strong girl but it breaks my heart. I hope she feels better soon, we'll keep her in our prayers.

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