Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Eve gift

We got a surprise call from Kirk's sister saying that her son was in town for work and wanted to come visit for Christmas. Kirk's nephew Cory is in a band, and man can he play. He has a very unique voice and such a great talent. He came Christmas Eve and we stayed up until almost 2 am listening to him give us our own concert. I was in heaven. I was so tired and knew that I had a early day ahead of me but I could not bring myself to go to bed. The way he plays the guitar was so beautiful. He writes his own songs and I love how each one has its own meaning but the meanings are a little hidden. He will be cutting his fifth CD when he goes back home and I will be the first one in line to get it!!!! Not a great picture but you get the idea right??? Check out some of his music on my blog.

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