Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I did it!

I came from a split family. My real dad left my mom when I was two and never really turned back. When I was ten my mom and step dad sat my sister and I down and said they had something to talk to us about. At that time I was searching my mind trying to remember what I did that I was about to get into trouble about. Do you remember that feeling as a kid when you know you are about to get into trouble? I hate that feeling! Anyway to my relief my mom said that my real dad called and whats to see us. I was just relieved that I was not in trouble. I like to make people happy and I do not like being told that I did something wrong. Yeah I'm still working on that one!

A few weeks later we drove to Utah to see him. I was fine until I was about 20 minutes from his house. I thought I was going to throw up and was really scared. Long story short, the visit went fine a little awkward since I did not know him but it was fine. I saw him two more times over the next six years. Since than I have not seen or heard from him at all.

On Sunday Kirk had this dream and he kept getting the feeling that I needed to call my dad. I had heard he moved back to Utah but I was not sure and did not have his number. After Kirk kept mentioning it I got his number from my uncle but I could not bring myself to call him.
I did not know this person or what kind of life he was living and I was afraid of that. What would I say to him. Hi, this is Tiffany...... your daughter. Remember me?

OK now I am just rambling. I finally brought myself to call him today and it was a little awkward for both of us I think. He told me his wife of 15 years just passed away in May and he has felt very alone since then. Maybe that is why Kirk got this feeling that I should call him.

Sometimes Heavenly Father goes through other people if we are not willing to hear the message. As I am writing this I realized that this year I have thought about him a few times and wondered where he was and why he has never tried to call us. Ummm maybe that was my prompting and I was not willing to listen. Bummer. I did today.

I do not know if he will ever call me again or if he will ever meet my kids but I do feel good that I called him. Kirk was right (first time, ha ha).


Lisa said...

Wow, that is an amazing story to share. I am glad you called him, too. It's so true that Heavenly Father sends promptings and answers prayers through those around us. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Nikki said...

Wow! You are very brave to have done that. Even if you don't hear from him again, you did the right thing and gave him some company for a bit. Being lonely is perhaps you brought a little ray of sunshine in his life. It probably got him thinking about things're brave

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