Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mexican Vanilla or Agave Nectar

I am a BIG fan of Mexican vanilla. In baking it always makes everything taste so much better. I think part of it is that American vanilla has 35% alcohol and Mexican only has 10%. I have used it for the past 8 years and than I ran out. So I purchased some at a big box store and I could not believe how strong the alcohol smell was. I also noticed a big difference in taste. I was a believer after that. OK so why am I blogging about my love for vanilla? Well I am putting in a order with a company out of Utah that gives discounts on order size and free shipping on any order over $35.

Here are the prices for vanilla-
If there are twelve people that want a litter it is only $9.99
If there are six people that want a gallon $29.99

Also they sell Agave Nectar which is a great natural sweetener I use it in baking and also on pancakes. I have to buy pure maple to get syrup without high fructose corn syrup in it and so this is much cheaper for me.

Here is some info I got off the Internet.
Agave makes a good substitute for sugar for a variety of reasons. Agave nectar is a real sugar, as opposed to an artificial or non-nutritive sweetener. It has properties similar to many sugars with one important exception: its glycemic index is significantly lower. This makes it a healthier alternative to many processed AND natural sweeteners, including:

white granulated sugar
brown sugar
demerara or turbinado sugar
maple sugar crystals
dehydrated cane juice
date sugar

Prices for Agave Nectar-
24 oz) $9.95
If there are six people that want a gallon $39.95

Let me know if anyone is interested.

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