Thursday, August 20, 2009

Messy Play Group

Today I had a messy play group at my house and the kids had such a blast! We had a plastic pool full of cooked noodles and water. Another one with three different kinds of pudding that they could"paint" with or eat. Last I had whip cream that they could spray at each other. It was so fun to see the kids being about to do things they are normally not allowed to do.
I've missed the "B" family and I'm glad they are home. No more vacations, deal?


Nikki said...

Okay, no more vacations, but I've not been back a week and somehow managed to completely fill our calendar this week! Ugh! We will try to slow it down a bit. I want to do another messy playdate. This was so awesome. Eli was in mess heaven!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness. That is awesome!

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