Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here is the deal

Am I a vegetarian? No, I just eat meat really sparingly. When I was pregnant with Sariah I got sick on some meat and now meat is just not the same to me at all. Plus Kirk was going through a really big red meat stretch and that just about did me in. I am also not a big egg person, I never have been. A great friend taught me to center my meals around vegetables a while back and we really enjoyed it. Kirk included. So is this a permanent change? No we are just giving it a try. For a few years now we have chosen to eat really healthy and understand what is in food labels. Do I think it is the only way? No. Do I think less of people when they feed their kids chips, sodas, fruit snacks and all the other things I love? So no, it works for me and our family. That's it.

I hope that answers every ones questions

So now with that said I went and purchased some new cook books so I can be more creative in my cooking styles.

I have noticed already that this involves a lot of planning, more than before. I need to plan meals ahead of time and make sure we have enough snacks cut up and ready to go.

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Nikki said...

WOW! You're cray! You vegetarian you. There's just nothing like a good slab of juicy bleeding carcass to make my mouth water! LOL. Those books look great...can I skim through them!

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