Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite diapers

With Sariah I which to cloth diapers and I have LOVED it. At first I switched to save money and I knew it was better for the environment. I was surprised how much I like them. Here are some pics of Sariah wearing Fuzzi Bunz diapers. These are not your mothers diapers where you have to fold the diaper, pin it and then put plastic pants over. They are pocket diapers that are all one piece. They have an insert that you put in the back and then they snap closed. They now make one size fits newborn to toddler. I sent $200 on diapers that bought me 12 which is a perfect amount for me. That is all I have to spend on diapers EVER. They will work for all my babies to come. The best all in one diapers are the tiny tushes. I always love hearing about new ideas so I thought I would share.

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