Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dream Home??

So on our hunt for our or my dream home my dad called me today and said he had a great idea for us. Here is the deal, I want to buy a house with at least 10 acres so I do not have to see or hear my neighbors. I think I am just getting grumpy in my old age. Well really I want a HUGE garden and lots of farm animals. I know I am crazy but it has been my dream since I was little.
Anyway here is the idea my dad had. Can you guess what this house is made out of????

You may have guess it, a shipping container.

Ok so maybe the idea may not be new to you but I kept asking him if I was understanding him correctly since it was over the phone. Sure enough I googled it and there they were and lots of them. So here is the idea.

1.) they are eco friendly since you are recycling
2.) very cheap, you can build a 3,600 sq ft house for around $60,000. installed

3.) to build you a huge house is really fast!

4.) they are fire proof and built to last

Just to name a few. Paige loved the idea of living in a box. Out of all things she is happy about living in a box??? OK well that is another story all together.

Will we be buying land and building a box, probably not but I thought I would share the idea.

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