Friday, June 26, 2009

Wood Family

For those of you that know the Wood family know of the great lost they had this past Friday. Kent and Kathy Wood were driving home from girls camp and got in a really bad car accident. Kathy Wood past away and Kent is still in the hospital with some serious injuries.

What a great family! I loved growing up with their family and going to girls camp with Kathy. One year she brought pics of her sons and sold them for tickets that we could earn. Let me tell you they were some hot items! All the girls left camp with some modeling pics of the Wood boys.

Their musical talent is unbelievable. Kent and Kathy both sang amazing and their son Sean who I grew up with has that talent. A few months back he released his new album "Cannonball". If you want to check out his music here is the link.

My prayers are with their family at this time and for Kent to heal for all his injuries!

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