Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers and traditions

The love of a father... Since Kirk and I got married (five years next month) he has always said that we need to drink mate (mah-tey) and do crossword puzzles together. As a boy Kirk use to watch his dad Ernie drink mate and do crossword puzzles with his wife. Kirk's dad died a few years ago. Kirk went on his mission to Argentina, his dad served his mission in Argentina and his oldest brother just returned from Argentina as mission president.

Mate is a drink found in South America and traditionally you would drink it in with friends from a gourd or metal cup and a metal straw with a filter at the end. With friends you would sip the mate and then pass it on the next person would fill the cup with hot water, drink it and pass it on.

Kirk has not had mate since his mission (lets just say it has been a few years). So as one of his Fathers Day gifts I ordered mate from Argentina. I think he was really surprised and was happy at the thought. Here are some pics of the mate. It was really good and fun to drink. A new family tradition!
I am so grateful for my husband and the father he is. Kirk loves his kids so much. They are so lucky to have a daddy that loves them as much as he does. Cheers to dads everywhere!

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