Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As always a new hobby

My new hobby this past week has been canning. SOOOO much fun. I have canned 13 jars of cherries, 4 jars of strawberry jam, 3 jars of cutie oranges, and 6 jars of pickles. I figure this is a great way to increase my food storage and also we can also enjoy these great fresh fruits during the off season. Next I am going to can spaghetti sauce. That way we can have homemade sauce anytime we want without all the effort.


These are our two newest babies! The last two years we have had a mommy build a nest in our back yard. The babies were just born two days ago and are so cute! Since we started putting out bird feeders we have so many birds in our back yard and LOVE it. Also we just picked up eight new baby chickens. Our other chickens have been such great pets so Kirk thought we should get some more. If you know Kirk you know that is a miracle!
We also have a raccoon that lives in the neighborhood. He is not very nice and very dangerous but so cute. As an example he went to my neighbors yard a few nights ago reached in her chicken cage and took one of her chickens out piece by piece. The crazy thing is she was standing there yelling and it did not bother him at all. I love nature and LOVE animals but raccoons have made it on my list of something I like to look at but not have in my backyard.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Homemade Soy milk

OK so as I have been told I am a nerd but here is another recipe that I really like. Homemade soy milk (and rice milk if anyone is interested). The cost is less than $1 for a gallon of soy milk. If you are lucky you can get cows milk for about $3 a gallon. Who knows what has been added to it. At least you know with this and cows milk is really not great for you anyway.


1 cup dry soy beans (I buy in the bulk section at Winco for 71 cents a pound)

6 cups water

2 tsp vanilla

add sugar to taste. It should be a little sweet to the taste

(I did three batches to equal about a gallon and added less than 1/2 cup sugar).

Step1: Soak soy bean over night in a large bowl with lots of water about 10 - 16 hours.

Step2: Dump out old water and put soy beans and fresh water in blender for a few minutes.

Step3: Sieve the mixture trough a cheese cloth and recover the soy milk. The insoluble material which remains on the sieve is called okara, and can be used as an ingredient for bread making in place of flour.

Step4: Heat the soy milk till boiling point (watch because it will boil over if not careful) and continue boiling for about 5 to 10 minutes. After cooling, the soy milk is ready and can be kept in the fridge for another 3 days.If you put the soy milk in clean glass container it can last more than week.
Step 5: This is where you can added a 2 teaspoons of vanilla and sugar.


Mormon Mommy blogs is having this great giveaway. They do give aways every month. Check it out if you get a chance.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Healthy cooking...

So I have to share... Today I went to this Asian healthy cooking class with a lady from moms club. I can not believe how much I learned in such a short time. Great Class! For a long time now I have really tried to be very careful with what my family and I eat. We center our meals around veggies rather than meat (thanks to Nikki), little to no processed foods and have really enjoyed learning new things. Here are some wraps I made today full of fresh herbs, veggies and tofu. They are then wrapped with a rice wrap like you would sushi but with rice.SOOOO Yummmmy!!

Ok Second part of my day is we went to an Asian store in Rancho Cordova. I have never seen an Asian store so nice and clean. Ha Ha. This place has unbelievable deals also. Here are some just to name a few.

22 lbs of cherries only $12 that's only 50 cents a pound.
5 lbs of zucchini only $2.00
HUGE bag of sprouts only $3.50 normally they are $5.00 for a little box

It was a great store and I had so much fun!! Thanks Hue

So cute!

Sariah just learned to fold her arms and it is so cute how proud she is of herself. Two nights ago Sariah looked at me and then looked down at her arms. She kept doing that until I noticed she was folding her arms. Then last night I was going to say prayers with Myla and Sariah knelt down, folded her arms and lowered her head. Still working on closing her eyes thing but then again that one takes years.

I am so glad I am a stay at home mommy and I do not miss any of these cute firsts! This is my favorite age between now and 18 months. Every age is cute in its own way but I really like this age.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Everyone keeps asking about the chickens so I thought I would post some new pics. They are doing great and getting big fast! I am really surprised by how sweet they still are. They will let us hold them and when we go outside they come running to see us. They are 7 weeks and at six months they will start laying eggs. They even keep my garden free of bugs!! They are a great family pet so far...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Mothers day post

The most thankless job in the world, yet the best job!

Myla, "Mom did Jesus do my hair for me"? Mom, "no I did your hair but Jesus gave you your hair". Myla, " Oh OK, well what happened to Sariah? Why did Jesus not give her any hair"?

I love listening to all the fun things she comes up with.

Tonight I heard Myla talking to Sariah, "Sariah don't play in the poop". I run to the bathroom where Myla was on the toilet. Myla had an accident on the floor and Sariah was playing in it. Yes, Myla's poop! Nice...

I do love being a mom and I could not imagine not seeing every milestone, wiping every tear or missing any of it. The good, the bad and the ugly, I would not trade any of it for the world.

Happy Mothers Day to all my favorite moms!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Myla loves being a princess! I made Myla and Sariah matching dresses and Myla LOVED it, she did not even want to take it off for bed. I love having two girls. If we have any more kids I keep thinking I would like another girl. I know Kirk and Dillon really want of boy but it is so much fun having girls. Right mom, three girls is a lot fun!

I made Sariah's dress a little big since she is growing so fast. I think it makes her look so grown up. It is so crazy how fast she is growing up. It is sad to loose the baby stage!

Kind of a crazy face but very cute...
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