Monday, April 13, 2009

Winnemucca trip

Every Easter and 4th of July we head out to Winnemucca, NV. Winne is half way between California and Utah, in the middle of nowhere. Easter is always really cold, it normally snows. 4th of July is always REALLY hot since it is in the middle of the desert. Why, you ask, would we go to the middle of nowhere for the holidays...... Winnemucca has the best sand dunes ever! Since I was five years old I have been riding quads. Kirk has been riding his whole life too. Now, Winnie has become one of our favorites.

Kirk all suited up!!

These are just some of our quads, there were a total of 11 in all.

The kiddos dug a huge hole in the sand. They even dug stairs into it, and a tunel too. Sariah loved playing in the sand.

We even had an Easter egg hunt while we were there.

All 9 grandkids were there.

My mom and dad!


Lisa said...

What a fun trip! Did the kids really dig a hole that deep, or did Kirk help? I'm glad everyone made it back in one piece.

howellblog said...

Wow- you guys the adventuresome group! Looked fun!

Nikki said...

Suits and everything! Sweet! We just had helmets and sweaters when we did it...sand in the noses for 3 days! It looks like fun. I love the huge hole :)

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