Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring is here!

The birds are out, the sun is shinning (ok, for a few days) and spring is in the air. Last night my adopted sister (Nikki), Myla, Sariah, Eli, Scottsen and myself made bird treat pine cones. I think more peanut butter ended up on Nikki thanks to Sariah than on the pine cones but it was so much fun. All morning Myla has been watching the squirrels enjoying the bird treats and yelling for more squirrels and birds to come. It is so fun sharing projects with my kids I use to do when I was a little.

We did draw the line at eating the bird seed but the peanut butter was fair game.
Sariah helping!

The finished product~


Nikki said...

Well thankfully I love peanut butter and luckily with Sariah's help I had something to snack on later...who ever said you couldn't eat what you wear??!!Great project, lots of fun and worth the mess just for the laughs!

Ruth Mannion said...

Why draw the line at birdseed? Addie chomped down a huge mouthful the other day:)

Katie said...

I was just thinking about doing this the other day but THINKING was as far as I got.

You spoil your birds over there with Adams peanut butter...I was gonna give em Skippy

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