Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Sisters!

I LOVE having two girls. They are the light of my life! I always wanted all boys or at least a boy first to be the "big" brother. Heavenly Father had a different plan for me and I think he was right. Don't get me wrong those that know my girls know that they are both dramatic and emotional like girls are but I just love them.

See it is so nice to see them sharing..... I honestly do not remember what they were sharing, Myla of course got something down from them to share.

Here they are wearing their shirts, "When all else fails, ask GRANDMA".
Myla is a total grandma's girl. So we took this pic for G-ma.


Lisa said...

You certainly are blessed, Tiffany. And talented- did you sew those dresses for the girls? You sure have your priorities straight to let your girls sit in the middle of the floor and have at it like that- I think I'd be freakin' out! That's almost as good as Ben sitting on the kitchen floor feeding himself syrup from the bottle (did you see that one on Ali's blog?) Hey, life with kids is messy (I think the sooner I can accept that, the better off I'll be!)


P.S. Nevermind the time of this post, I'm knitting ; )

Nikki said...

LOVE IT! You know I love your girls so much and that is why. How can anyone resist that adorableness! By the way Kirk...the rest of the house was spotless I'm sure.

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