Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New bedding for the girls

Sariah and Myla are now both in toddler beds (yes even Sariah). We put her in the toddler bed to get her out of our bed and she loves it. So I thought I would make matching bedding for them. Next I'm going to make a valance, throw pillows and some wall art. We have lived in this house 4 years and I have never done much decorating in their room, I think it is about time!

With the nice weather this week the girls have LOVED playing outside. Since I was in sewing I was listening to them outside but not doing much watching. I have a really hard time letting them get dirty. I guess since they are girls??? Not sure but I think if I have a boy I will have to let that go. As you can see they had a blast and needed a bath really bad afterwards.

I think the princess dress adds a nice touch.

I think Myla had fun!!


Lisa said...

Wow, Tiffany. I know you don't like to take credit, but never underestimate your talent. (Will you come do my girls' room next??)I can't wait to see how the valences turn out. Maybe I'll get inspired to use the fabric that's been in my closet for 6 weeks and make mine for my kids' rooms. Good job!

Nikki said...

ALRIGHT! Those are my girls. I guess Eli doesn't need to come tutor them in dirt anymore! I love children covered in dirt! Even if I had a girl she'd be covered in dirt. Dirt Dirt Dirt. MMMMMM! Next we'll tackle eating worms.

Katie said...

Cute room....great dirt. I love dirty kids, it means they were having fun.

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