Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Party night!!

I LOVE having Nikki, Eli and Scottsen over. We always have a blast and this time the kids did not fight. Miracles can happen!!

Can you guess who is under the buckets?

Busted! Myla and Eli's favorite thing to do at our house. They like to pull off all the cushions off the couch and then climb on top. So cute.

This one is for Adam. The amazing thing is that Eli is so cute he even can pull off a pink hat. Myla was really upset he was wear her pink hat.

Where the parents are while the kids are having so much fun? Playing guitar hero of course.

Go Kirk!!


Lisa said...

That picture of Nikki jammin' on the guitar is priceless. She looks so into it! I'm glad there were no slammed fingers this time...

Nikki said...

Too bad my looks of determination meant nothing for winning. Kirk slammed me over and over! Oh well. I'm just glad Eli and Myla got along so well ;)

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