Friday, March 27, 2009

Our new little babies

Our first baby chicken hatching!

Thursday we had a few new additions to our family. We had four baby chicken's hatch yesterday and today we have had three more. We still have five more eggs. I do not think all of them will hatch but I am interested to see how many will.
When we started this new adventure three weeks ago we knew nothing about hatching chickens. Well Kirk and I sure learned a lot last night. Once the chickens beak breaks through the egg the count down begins. The chicken really needs to work as hard as he can to get out before the shell totally dries out. If it dries out the chickens can not get out by themselves and without a little help they would die. So you have to chip little pieces of the shell away just as a chicken would. So for hours last night Kirk and I worked on three of the chickens to help them out. As you can see from the pictures it takes a long time. Seven out of eight are doing great today. The seventh one is struggling with balance and walking. I'm hoping he will pull through.

Here I am!!


Roxanne said...

Wow, what fun! I will have to share this posting with my kids tomorrow after they wake up! They will enjoy seeing the little chick hatch:-)

Lisa said...

Hi Roxanne! I was so surprised to see my sister on my friend's blog! Tiffany, this is the coolest. I can't wait to show my kids tomorrow. Sorry we missed it! Thanks for sharing. We'll come see them soon.


Britty said...

Oh my goodness...that is the cutest little chicken! Brandon and I are determined to have chickens someday. Fresh eggs! That must have been an exciting thing to experience. Kirk's testimony was pretty cute, tying in the hatching. I'm glad to finally see your blog!

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