Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OK so I thought I would join the Blogging world!!

A little about the family-

Sariah is 7 1/2 months and is so busy. Sariah can army crawl all over the house. At church as soon as she hears music she has to sing along. It’s so cute! Sariah can also says Hi, ma ma and da da. I think Hi was her first word at 6 months and she said ma ma first when she saw me. Sorry dad.

Myla is 2 1/2 almost 3 years old. She has so much personality! Holy Cow!! Myla loves to dance, sing and be the center of attention. She does really well with Sariah and loves to have someone to play with.

Dillon is now 11 years old. He really is such a sweet kid. Dillon started junior high this year and seems to really enjoy. He is involved in the chess club at his school and Cub Scouts.

Paige is 13 years old. Our big teenager! Its amazing how fast she is growing up. Paige is in the drama club at school (she is a Wilkins) and has adjusted to being the big kid at junior high. Next year she goes to High School. Crazy!!

We sure loving having Paige and Dillon and right now we are working on getting them for a week every other week.

Tiffany, well I will not say how old I am but just remember I will always be younger than Kirk. I'm on the Enrichment board with church and I have really enjoyed being part of such a great group of women! I'm also involved in the MOMS Club here in Cameron Park and Myla loves seeing all her friends when we get together. I have started sewing more and I'm currently working on some matching church dresses for Myla and Sariah. I just made the girls some matching Halloween costumes.

Kirk is so busy with work and his church calling. Kirk is Scout Master and so he is out of town one weekend each month and then all the other activities through out the month. He really enjoys working with the young men and he tries to take Dillon along with him on these activities.
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